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Trips connect people. When we are with someone far from a home we get closer and know each other better. To make even small trip you need only two bikes. :)

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If you want to get closer to your girlfriend or boyfriend or you just want to have great time, some emotions can help you with realizing that. If you are enough courage you can have a really worth to remember few hours. How? Do some street art together. :)

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These days, everyone is dating online. I rarely come across someone who meets someone through a class, or a mutual friend. Everyone is on Tinder, OkCupid, POF, and many others. If you’re like the many college students out there, meeting someone from offline for the first time can be nerve wracking. I’ve had plenty of first dates from one of those dating sites. Picking a first date with someone you’ve never met can be anxiety provoking! I’ve found that the best bet is either a coffee date or a lunch date.

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A good date doesn't have to be sophisticated. It could be argued that just simple ideas like taking a walk or an outing to grab a drink are the best. Most people want to have a great, fun date with some romantic moments that will remain in memory for time to come. It's cool, because our proposal connects both approaches. On the one hand, there's less pressure, but on the other hand, it provides an interesting activity and an opportunity to laugh and converse.

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