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I've never met someone who doesn't like music, and I'm really happy about that because music is everything. Whenever we feel happy music is there to celebrate, and when we're sad, it's there to cheer us up. If we need advise or a shoulder to cry on, music is our best friend. And to commemorate that, here's a challenge you should do.

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Some dishes are like an embodiment of summer, peach and cod ceviche is one of them. Just by looking at this dish memories of hot summer nights and holidays by the sea will come to you....

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Cats are a fantastic way to provide people with a loving companion to keep them active. Everybody loves rewarding their pets with treats or new toys, but no one wants to empty their wallets on overpriced trinkets.  Luckily, there are many ways we can treat our beloved animals, have lots of fun and keep the "dime-dropping" to a minimum.

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If you find yourself stuck at home with nothing to do on a lonely night with nothing to do, why not spend it binging on one of your favorite television shows.

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Troubled by those nasty tans that don’t seem to be going away even after so much of blood sweat? Skin tan can be stubborn to deal with, especially if it is a persistent one—the one that develops as a result of long term exposure of skin to harsh sunlight. But fret not, because there’s  a way to deal with even the most adamant of skin tans—the Indian way!

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We all have dreams and passions inside of us. We've all asked, "How do I reach my dreams?" They have been hidden down deep in us before we were born, in our DNA, in our genetic makeup. You see people making their lives full of purpose and fulfilling passions and deep desires, but why aren't you? What are you doing that is holding you back from reaching your dreams? I am going to share 5 things you are doing that are preventing you from soaring. These tips have helped me as well as my coaching clients get on the path to success and create a life of purpose while living out our dreams.

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Are you trying to get out of debit? Saving up for a wedding? A new baby? A vacation? An emergency fund? Your very own Batmobile? Find out how to manage your money wisely check these 7 money draining habits to kick to the curb so you can reach your financial goal FASTER!
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Have You ever wanted to have superpowers like heroes in movies, comicbooks or games? Who hasn't :) It's obvious, that You won't get any real superheroes - like powers but You can always use Your imagination. One of the most beautiful things about childs is their imagination and creativity. Those abilities are very important in many life situations at any age despite are usually forgotten and underestimated. Pay attention to them raising Your children, suggest them games which could help in development of their minds.

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Amaranth is the 21st century's plant which contains the most protein of all the cereals. It has the highest biological value (the highest percentage of assimilation in the human body). Its composition contains all essential amino acids. Usually in our diet, the main source of amino acids is animal protein.

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Many people don’t realize we can control our dreams. We're largely wasting one of our greatest abilities. Let me change that by teaching you a bit about lucid dreaming.

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