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You are looking for one of your favourite books. You are searching at all the racks and finally all is clear. You borrowed it to someone. Do you know this terrible feeling? And maybe you are this one who holds long ago read books? The books which you have at home can be easily classified.

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The sun is blistering, the sprinklers are on full blast and nature is staying awake at night to keep you company. Everybody loves these laid back summer days but they seem to pass so quickly.  It's the same situation every year: the joy of a sleep in, have fun, lower responsibility summer is met with the terror and disappointment of realizing it's halfway through and there's so much you haven't done! Well, it's that time of the year again, but no worries, there's plenty of time to squeeze in whatever memorable plans you had in mind when summer began.

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Have You heard about Minecraft? Who hasn't :) One of the most popular games in last years. Why, You ask? The beauty is in simplicity. Running this game You get huge, almost infinite world made out of different cubes in the same size. You can collect materials, craft hundreds of items out of them and...create whatever You want!

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My last post I talked about love and how a person falls in and out of love. This post is going to be about communication in relationships.

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Have you always been jealous while watching movies, where children play into a tree house? Why don't you do it now? This is the best fun for everyone in every age. Finally, you have a little more time, so use it well.

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Adventures of boy wizard knows almost everyone. Character created by J. K. Rownling has gained immense popularity. However it's nothing surprising, confirm it unless everyone who gave sucked into the world of muggles and wizards and read books one after the other.

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There is nothing more beautiful than years of childhood.

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Be a master of playing cards and win the whole pot but remember the fun that counts.

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