Ideas for posts on social networks for business account


Promotion of the company in social networks is not easy. Especially if you are just starting to work and while doing everything by yourself, without SMM-manager.

Content for social networks varies in focus and theme. To attract new users to the community, you need to correctly combine these varieties and make the information interesting. Posts should unobtrusively stimulate users to purchase, while they should entertaining.

There are 7 steps that will provide your business to the top if success:

1. Write about what and how you do as a company – talk about business and decisions. This is a kind of reality show.

2. Make a thematic selection of goods.

3. Pay attention to events on your topic, people, cities with your business – these are all topics for creating content.

4. Summarize the curious results of the month, quarter, year. Just write about what will be fascinating to read.

5. Share books that you read to grow your business (and yourself).

6. Invite employees (if you have any) to tell us what they have had interesting over the past two to three months.

7. Share the content of your customers: if they publish photos, reviews about your products – feel free to show in your social networks.Do not forget to indicate authorship, of course.

Interesting topics include frequent customer questions about products, customer fears, the production process, company history, the founder’s personal brand, funny customer stories related to the product.

And do not forget the main thing: the text should have meaning. Don’t just write to fill the community with content. Then not only your business will attract potential customers, but also your page will gain momentum in popularity.

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