Christmas treat ideas to send to grandchildren


The time of preparing for Christmas is approaching, it’s worth to start thinking about treats for your adored grandchildren. Unfortunately, this year the movement of older people is limited, so you will have to treat them remotely. We’ve compiled a few food ideas to send in a package:
1. DIY sweets. Of course, any grandmother cares about the health of her grandchildren and tries to allow them as little sweets as possible. But why not pamper them during the holiday season, because it only happens once a year! For example, you can make healthy candy from dried fruit and nuts, or gingerbread cookies in shape of New Year’s symbols, or donuts with icing and colored sprinkles. Your grandchildren will love it!

2. If you don’t want to waste time cooking, you can make a simple but useful package of assorted fruits. Buy tangerines, bananas, pineapple, apples, kiwi, mango – these fruits will not be damaged during transportation. Pack them in a holiday box and attach a card with warm wishes.
3. If your children prefer salty food, make rolls with different fillings: cheese, fish, meat, grilled vegetables, herbs. This option is suitable if your package reaches the addressee quickly so that the rolls don’t go bad.
Please your loved ones with a delicious handmade treat, such a gift will definitely delight your child. Merry Christmas!

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