Ideas for unique romantic Valentine’s Day gifts


Do you celebrate the big day of couple’s – Valentine’s day? If not, it is never late to find an inspiration and make your imagination fly for your loved one. After all, who wouldn’t mind a little bit of a romance in their life? Let us cover some romantic and unique options that make your day special.

Valentine ’s Day is all about the effort and not how financially big present is going to be. Saying that I will start with the first option – animated love book. Instead of buying just a plain card, get a notebook – this will already be a little bit more effort! Split your love sentences in words and write them down on each open double page. Remember to make the letters look big so the words can stand out.


If you have drawing skills, you can design the pages to look a bit fuller. Then take a video of you showing each picture to the camera. Design taken video as an animation to look it unique. As an additional, you can add some photos of you on blank pages and write a few funny stories that are highlighted in your memory.


The second one is classic, but never go old. I am sure your loved one with appreciate the surprise and will treat it as a unique moment. For that, you will need loads of different romantic colored paper. Cut different sized hearts from the paper and write something nice on each one. It can be anything starting from cheesy nicknames ending up with different nice adjectives about your other half. Spread the hearts around the place where you will be celebrating this beautiful day.

Chocolates are associated with warm feeling, love and coziness. This sweet can be definitely associated with this celebration and make your day tasty. If you are located in bigger city, investigate where you could book a master class for chocolate making. If there is no opportunity for a master class, do not get frustrated. Just do a little bit more investigation on the Internet and arrange your own master class at home! I would imagine that could be even more fun when you can be just two of you.

valentines day gift ideas - chocolate

How about to arrange something for both of you that you never done before? This is a perfect opportunity to get out from your relationship routine and introduce something new into your lives. You might learn something new by taking a risk on something new. It can a bachata dancing class – very hot, or maybe you would like to try martial arts together?


The date does not need to end at sunset. Take a break from home and take your other half to woods. This will be very unexpected and extreme. If your partner is not fan a wild life walking around, arrange some glamping. This cozy option will suit you in any weather. If you are an adventure couple, pack the tent and just head to unarranged camping place. What can be more romantic than two of you, sky full of stars and wild life around. Before you ask yourself a question what can you do if there is no opportunity to go camping, I have an answer for you. Why do not you set up a tent at home? I bet your partner would never expect that! Twinkle lights are a must though.


For couples that have sense of humor – alert! How does a courier that looks like a Cupidon sound like? Indeed that would suit more to surprise your girlfriend, but the girlfriend can take a role of a lady Cupid and greet other half at home. Gentlemen, do not forget that a big and beautiful bunch of flowers is a vital part.




Give your loved one a chance to enjoy the present from Valentine’s Day until the next one. For this, you will need a jar. Make this jar looking as romantic as possible. Design it with hearts and love words. An idea is for your partner to make 10 wishes that she/he can use whenever is convenient. Let him or her to write them down and through in the jar. Whenever your partner feel like he can draw the wish that you will need to fulfill. To make it more excited, ask your partner to not tell you what the wishes are. To make it more fun for both of you, you could decide to offer your partner to give you same present where you could write down the wishes and even mix them with each other.


Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day should be fun. Whether you spend it with your partner of two years or your best friend forever of 20 years, it is the perfect time to do whatever makes you feel happy, sexy and of course loved. Even if you are on a budget, there is no reason why your Valentine’s Day cannot be as memorable and cute for you and your partner. After all, what really matters is spending the day with people you love and who love you back.



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