Native American home decoration ideas


Native American decor is something that brings a completely different feeling into your home. I would like to share some nuggets of wisdom with you on how to bring this magic up.Native American wisdom is about nature and consciousness that they have lived in and felt on daily basis. Spiritual energy is coming from the water, the rocks, the land and the air. However, the question is how you would bring this wisdom and vibe into your home.


One of the ways of bringing a Native American feeling in is actually to bring handcrafted objects that were made by natives, for example beaded moccasins, hand-woven rugs or images of Native Americans. The cultural values of the Native American Nations are conveyed through the use of symbols and patterns found in art and textiles. Along with woven textiles, Native Americans contribute other arts to the southwest style, like basket weaving, pottery, turquoise and leather goods.


Let us imagine your home is very modern, but you would like to bring some spiritual energy in. Bring a few pieces of Native American artistry to expand the experience. Place more plants with specific Native American ornaments that will exude the aliveness. Fabric with tribal designs should be used as accent items such as throw pillows, bedding, place mats, candles and towels.

If you want to bring permanent changes to your home, repaint your walls and combine the colors with your furniture and accessories in white, red, yellow and black. Native American themed decoration is best applied to walls made of adobe or natural wood.

Do not forget that animals are a vital part of this culture. Native American totem animals are buffalo, wolf, eagle and bear.


We do not need to have blood of Native Americans in us to experience the vibe.  We are human family no matter what race we are.  The ideas to add in your home  the Native American style decor are limitless:

  • dreamcatcher,
  • pillows, carpets, bedspreads with Native American motifs,
  • wigwam or the teepee for children,
  • totem animals souvenirs,
  • wicker baskets,
  • hammock,
  • wooden furniture,
  • shaman tambourine like wall decor.

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