Ideas to work on time quarantine


Consider two scenarios.
1. You were not fired, but transferred to remote work
2. You were fired
If you used to work in the office, and now switched to remote work, at first it will be difficult for you. Freelancers and remote employees face difficulties. The advantages of remote work are also its disadvantages.

For example, you don’t have to get up early, and you think you will wake up on time, in fact, you need to get up at least an hour before work to really wake up, take a shower, have breakfast. Modern remote work is video calling and you should look great as always.

Second moment. It seems you can always have a bite to eat while next to the fridge. In fact, it’s better to give yourself a full lunch break and get completely distracted from work at this time. The mode of the remote employee should, in principle, coincide with the office mode. Otherwise, you risk eating extra pounds, and your entire desktop will be in crumbs. This is also harmful to your computer.

The third point is sedentary work. When we got to work, we still flexed our muscles a bit. If you never had time to do exercises before work, now the time you spent on the road can be spent on exercises. The desire to make good money is commendable, but your back will not stand it.

The second scenario is when you were fired from your previous job due to quarantine.
We have to stay at home, money runs out, what to do?
It’s time to learn how to work remotely, do freelance.

For example, you were fired from a cafe, all staff were reduced there, a couple of chefs were left and the cafe began to work for delivery. At the same time, they needed promotion on the Internet, their website, their Instagram, their Facebook page should be filled with content every day. Why don’t you offer yourself as an administrator of social networks, you know this cafe better than anyone.
Crisis time is the best to try something new. And there are many professions for remote work. Designers, programmers, copywriters are always required.

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