Five ideas for weekend in USA


Of course, everyone wants months of vacation. However, life is too short to wait for a perfect moment of travel. That is what the weekends are for. Just forget your routine days and take your couple of days, or the occasional three or four, to unwind yourself for upcoming week.
Head to Florida to enjoy the round year amazing weather for boating, fishing or golfing.


Dreaming about experiencing a cartoon life? Arrange a trip for a first theme park Disneyland in Florida. This place will take you to another world and you will come back with amazing memories.

Next place will speak to for itself – it is nearly on everyone’s bucket list – New York. Hire bicycles to see the most of the city and especially famous Central Park.


Next destination should be seen at least once in one’s lifetime – San Francisco, California. Golden Gate is an obvious attraction that should be followed by busy Mission District.

Are you ready for a big and endless party? Explore mystical New Orleans, Louisiana. Enjoy live jazz every night any day of the week and check out numerous artist painting on the street.


Finally yet importantly, get away from a city life and get fresh air in Aspen, Colorado skiing, mountain biking, hiking or fishing.
Make use of your weekends!


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